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  Africa Take-off Fueled by China-Africa Cooperation ——Speech addressed by ambassador LU Youqing in Tanzania National Defense College     Distinguished Major General Mohammed of the Dean of Tanzania National Defense College, All students, Ladies and gentlemen: Greetings everyone! I'm delighted to once again come to the National Defense College to communicate with all of you. This is my fourth visit and addressing here. Each time, I could learn a lot and generate many new ideas. And I believe, the new harvest today will also be plentiful and substantial. Today, the topic of my speech is Africa Take-off Fueled by China-Africa Cooperation, and I will be willing to communicate with all of you on problems of mutual concern after the speech. At present, Africa is in the startup phase of industrialization. China, after reform and opening-up of over 30 years, has accumulated many advantages with respect to technology, equipment, talent, capital, etc., which are nicely fitting with Africa's development; in particular, China owns the theories and models, which can support Africa to exert subsequent advantage and realize independent and sustainable development. The Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation smoothly held last December had obtained a series of important achievements. The Forum was focused on the solution of three major people's livelihood issues of employment, food and health, as well as the three development bottlenecks of infrastructure lag, talents insufficiency and capital shortage. The Forum accords with the development demands of Africa, will facilitates all African people and adapt to the development trend of the era, is conducive to further transfer China-Africa traditional friendship into the impetus of mutual beneficial cooperation and is beneficial to form the natural and human resources in Africa into the strength of economic development as soon as possible. I.  The Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Opens a New Era in China-Africa's Mutually Beneficial Cooperation, and Will Make Actual Contribution to Realize the Economic Take-off of Africa (I)   Achievements of this Summit are mainly showed in four aspects as follows 1. Illustrate the concept pursed by China-Africa cooperation, which is the topic of this Summit "China-African Progressing Together: Win-win Cooperation for Common Development". The nature of China-Africa cooperation is South-South cooperation, the mutual aid between brothers and the equality and mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and its purpose is to realize the common development and prosperity of both sides. Africa and China have the total population of 2.4 billion, including more than 1 billion in Africa and 1.3 billion in China. Together, we definitely could jointly realize national revitalization and modernization, which will be the most spectacular image in the history of human civilization. The cooperation of China and Africa will not only change the arc of history, but also create a brighter future of all human beings. 2. Clarify the development direction of bilateral relation. This summit decided that the China-Africa relation would be upgraded into comprehensive and strategic partnership. Today, the China-Africa cooperation has an increasing global influence and strategic significance, leads the trend in South-South cooperation and becomes ever more important in the global stage. 3. Construct the "Five Major Pillars" of the China-Africa relationship. It is committed to political equality and mutual trust, win-win economic cooperation, mutually enriching cultural exchanges, mutual assistance in security and solidarity and coordination in international affairs. These Five Major Pillars will make the layout of the China-African relationship more complete and stable, and form comprehensive support for China-Africa’s integrated and strategic partnership. 4.  Determine to focus on the "Ten Cooperation Plans". In the next three years, both sides will focus on the fields of industrialization, agricultural modernization, infrastructure, finance, green development, trade and investment facilitation, poverty reduction, public health, cultural and people-to-people exchange, peace and security, to implement the "Ten Cooperation Plans". Guided by the principle of government guidance, enterprise-dominated, market operation and win-win cooperation, these plans aim at addressing the three bottleneck issues holding back Africa's development, namely, inadequate infrastructure, lack of professional and skilled personnel, and funding shortage, thus accelerating Africa's industrialization and agricultural modernization, and achieving sustainable self-development.   To ensure the successful implementation of these "Ten Cooperation Plans", China decides to provide a total of 60 billion dollars of funding support in the next three years for Africa, specifically as follows: offer 5 billion dollars of non-reimbursable assistance and zero-interest loans; provide 35 billion dollars of export credit line and concessional loans on more favorable terms; increase 5 billion dollars to the China-Africa Development Fund and the Special Loan for the Development of African SMEs respectively; and set up the "China-Africa Fund for Production Capacity Cooperation" with an initial contribution of 10 billion dollars.   (II)   Responses Africa countries spoke highly and gave warm welcome of the policy proposals, especially the "Ten Cooperation Plans". Comments and remarks of some African leaders were touching and excited. After listening to the address of Chairman Xi Jinping in this Summit, Mr. Mugabe, the African Union Rotating Chairman and President of Zimbabwe said: the contents addressed by Chairman Xi are abundant, nearly involving all fields for assistance to Africa, including agriculture, mining industry, infrastructure, industrialization, poverty reduction, women and children, etc. The country represented by Chairman Xi used to be encountered by poverty; when the country becomes strong, she has never sought any colonization; on the contrary, it is doing the things we had expected the colonists could have done. In case colonists were alive, they should listen to the speech of Chairman Xi. Kenyatta, Kenya's President, sternly refuted the so-called argument of "China carries out the ‘new colonialism’ in Africa" made by some ulterior persons, and he appraised that China was the cooperator to help Africa shake off poverty and achieve sustainable development, which had never been done by western colonists. What a sharp contrast there was between China and western colonists! He believed that China would never impose its will on the Africa when helping Africa to realize economic and social development, which was the unique feature of China-Africa cooperation. Kenya has benefited a lot from in the cooperation with China, and realized the "cross-cutting progress" in infrastructure construction, technology transfer and other aspects particularly. President John PombeMagufuli also stressed that full implementation of summit results was the key point of China-Tanzania cooperation in the next three years for several times. He believed that the Five Major Pillars and Ten Cooperation Plans in China-Africa cooperation proposed by Chairman Xi Jinping fitted perfectly with the actual conditions of China-Tanzania relations, and implementation of summit results was deemed as the important development opportunity by Tanzania. Premier Margariwa believed that the forum on China-Africa Cooperation was an important platform to strengthen the relationship between Africa and China, playing a great role in China-Africa cooperation and creating opportunities for Africa countries. And, Tanzania as a member had obtained the genuine advantages and benefited a lot. II.  China-Tanzania Has Formulated the 2016-2018 3-year Action Plan Jointly to Promote the Economic Development and Industrialization Process of Tanzania under the Framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation In order to implement the results of the Johannesburg Summit, actively use the preferential measures provided by China and promote the all-round cooperation level of China-Tanzania, China-Tanzania would formulate and implement the three-year action plans and definite the key fields and projects of China-Tanzania cooperation in the next three years. The implementation of these action plans will provide powerful force and rare opportunity for the economic development and industrialization process for Tanzania. (I)   Promote the industrialization process in Tanzania Industrialization is the key point of the second Five-year Development Plan (2016/2017 - 2020/2021) to be implemented by Tanzania. In order to help Tanzania realize industrialization, China has listed Tanzania as one of the demonstration countries of promotion of industrialization in Africa by production capacity cooperation. Production capacity cooperation is the priority field of China-Tanzania pragmatic cooperation in the next three years. There are a lot of favorable factors for the implementation of Tanzania's industrialization, including predominant geological location, abundant labor, large potential in domestic, regional and international markets, rich raw materials and natural resources, etc. Tanzania-China industry cooperation is featured by high integrating degree and strong complementary, and the capital, technology and management of China have a competitive edge. (II)   Actively support agricultural modernization development of Tanzania China will give full play to the role of already constructed agricultural demonstration centers, train agricultural technical personnel in Tanzania to implement the "rich famers project by agricultural development" by sending agricultural experts, build China-Tanzania agricultural research institution cooperation mechanisms and encourage the enterprises with strength in China to invest agricultural projects, so as to support the construction of agricultural modernization. (III)   Focus on improving infrastructure in Tanzania In order to address the power shortage issue holding back Tanzania's industrialization development, several China's large enterprises have invested power development projects in Tanzania, including the integration of Mchuchuma - Liganga Coal Power, K3 and K4 natural gas power stations, northeast power grid transmission line and other projects. The total investment amount is expected to over 4 billion dollars. China and Tanzania will focus on promoting the comprehensive development project of the BhagatMoyo Special Economic Zone, including modern wharf construction, port-surrounding industrial park development and peripheral supporting project construction. The two countries will continue to research and promote the upgrading and reconstruction project of Tanzania's railway, build the new terminals' roof of Zanzibar AbeidKarume International Airport and vigorously promote the airline cooperation plan in China-Tanzania area. Phases I and II of the national optical cable backbone network of Tanzania constructed with the preferential loans provided by the government of China has been completed and put into use. This project greatly improves the modernization communication level and lays communication base for economic development and people's livelihood improvement of Tanzania. At present, China will continue to provide a preferential loan to help Tanzania to implement the Phase III of this project and further expand the coverage of the optical network. (IV)   Continue to expand Tanzania's goods export to China In recent years, China-Tanzania trading develops quickly, which effectively promotes the economic growth of both sides. In 2014, the bilateral volume of trade reached 4.3 billion dollars. In 2015, the amount increased to nearly 5 billion dollars. For the purpose of expanding Tanzania's goods export to China, China provides zero-tariff treatment for 97% goods coming from Tanzania and the total amount of goods exporting to China from Tanzania enjoys sustained growth. Both sides will strengthen the cooperation in customs, tax administration, inspection and quarantine, standard, certification and accreditation and other fields, and actively expand the scale of goods exporting to China from Tanzania. Besides, the China-Tanzania trade logistics center will be constructed by both sides in Kurasini of Dar es Salaam, constructing Tanzania into a regional trade center. (V)   Create employment opportunities for locals The data from the research institution named IMARA indicate that, by the end of 2013, the investment of China had created 150 thousand positions for Tanzania and more than 350 thousand people were thus engaged in work related to China-Tanzania trade. With the sustainable growth of China-Tanzania economic and trade cooperation, more Tanzania citizens will gain the job opportunity and realize self-development and life improvement. (VI)   Contribute to people's livelihood improvement Chinese government will continue supporting the important projects related to Tanzania's national economy and the people's livelihood by assistance and other modes, including water supply, public health, education, government ability construction, professional and technical training, etc. Chinese enterprises invested in Tanzania will also continue to perform their social responsibilities actively, including facilitating the growth of local hospitals, schools and villages, donating medicine and teaching materials, constructing water facility, repairing classrooms and schoolhouse, etc. For example, China Petroleum Technology Development Company constructing the natural gas pipeline project donated the staff camps and offices to Tanzania as hospitals and schools after the completion of pipeline laying, and donated all water wells along the project during construction to Tanzania to benefit local people. III. China-Tanzania and China-Africa Strengthen the Cooperation in Peace and Security Field to Offer Powerful Safeguard for Bilateral Relationship The Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and China-Tanzania Cooperation Collective Action Plans have formulated the roadmap and described the broad prospect for China-Africa and China-Tanzania cooperation. A basic premise is required to achieve the good vision, that is a peaceful and stable development environment. Currently, the safety issues faced by Africa should not be ignored. On one hand, imbalance of economic growth will lead to social conflicts; on the other, international terrorist organizations are spreading to Africa, infusing extreme violence thoughts and launching terrorist attack, seriously threaten regional safety and security. Peace and stability form the prerequisite and guarantee for development and cooperation. In order to guarantee the long-term development and peace and stability of Africa, the soldiers and everyone here shall undertake the holy and important missions. You are the backbone of national peace and stability and the patron saint to realize the national dream of development and prosperity. President Nyerere once said that Tanzania should build a "people's army" like China. And the military exchange and cooperation of China-Tanzania has remained close all the time, including military equipment, personnel training, etc. In the near future, China-Tanzania will continue to strengthen the communication and cooperation in the aspects of national defense and army building to push forward the relations between both armies and constantly enhance the ability of resisting traditional and non-traditional security threats faced by Tanzania's army. Meanwhile, China-Tanzania will continue to carry out policing cooperation, support Tanzania's police to strengthen ability construction, and collaborate actively in network security and pirates, drugs, cross-border crime prevention and other aspects, and jointly maintain the security environment of peaceful environment. China-Tanzania cooperation is the China-Africa cooperation in miniature. I believe that China-Africa cooperation will be pushed to a higher level and Africa will surely achieve economic take-off and social development under the joint efforts of both China and Africa. China-Africa cooperation will bring tangible benefits to the two countries and their people. The Great "Chinese Dream" and the grand "Africa Dream" are bound to come true.   Thank you!
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