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Restructured from former China Communication Construction General Corporation, China International Telecommunication Construction Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CITCC) is an internationalized large professional comprehensive communication construction group enterprise affiliated to China Communications Services Corporation Limited under China Telecom in China’s communication construction field, with strong construction capacity, high scientific and technological content and the highest nationally certified qualification for a construction enterprise. As a comprehensive “window” enterprise going global on behalf of China’s communication construction industry, it owns the right to engage in foreign economics and trade and labor import and export and undertakes national foreign economic assistance missions and inter-governmental cooperative missions.    All of construction enterprises affiliated to CITCC are national backbone construction enterprises under former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Of them, five engineering bureau limited companies and China Telecom Construction Co., Ltd. have won such titles as the National Excellent Construction Enterprise, the National Best Construction Enterprise, the Construction Enterprise with Customer Satisfaction, the Advanced Enterprise with Good Quality and Benefit, the Excellent Construction Enterprise and Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprises in China’s Construction Industry many times; nearly 100 of their staff members have received municipal, provincial, ministerial and national-level commends and rewards of various kinds; many of their staff members have been cited as national, provincial and ministerial-level model workers (advanced workers) and national excellent project managers; and six leaders of these engineering bureaus have been elected as national excellent construction entrepreneurs. Among CITCC’s workforce, intermediate and senior professional and technical management personnel accounts for up to two third, more than 1,600 staff members have received the national communication engineering budgeting and budgetary estimate qualification, 200-odd have been certified as the constructor grade I, and many staff members have received the internationally recognized PMP certification. With advanced complete construction-purpose machines and instruments, CITCC takes the leading position among domestic and foreign peer companies in equipment level and can meet the demands of domestic and foreign users for construction of any communication project.   CITCC has established many overseas companies and offices and maintained good business relations with more than 60 internationally famous companies in 35 countries; exported more than 1,000 intermediate and senior technical labor workers to such developed countries as US, UK and Japan; undertaken communication engineering construction and labor cooperative missions in tens of countries and successfully completed communication projects and inter-governmental foreign economic assistance missions. All of projects it has built have good reputations, and some of them have the honor to win Presidential Medal of Freedom from the assisted country. Having carried out the “going global” strategy of the CPC Central Committee, CITCC has witnessed a stair-like expansion of business from economic assistance projects, subcontracting projects to contracting projects in overseas communication engineering construction market. Its general contracting construction projects such as national backbone cable networks in Ethiopia and Nigeria have been well received by the governments and owners. Acting as the first general contractor of overseas large communication projects among Chinese communication construction enterprise, CITCC has built up a good professional enterprise image in international market.   Known as one of the most influential import and export enterprises in China’s telecommunication industry, CITCC’s import and export trade branch is mainly engaged in bidding agency of communication products and technical services for domestic communication operators and their domestic and international procurement agency. After its all-round expansion over the past decade, its trade branch has extended its project scope to such fields as transmission, exchange, wireless, data, network management and information technology, with a total amount of purchasing contracts up to tens of billions of RMB. By the end of 2008, its trade branch had completed many rounds of international public bidding and import agency projects for small-size computers and storage devices, recording a total entrusted contract amount up to US$900 million and a total accepted contract amount of US$400 million, with a capital-saving ratio exceeding 50%, and thus receiving praise from Ministry of Commerce. In response to the national macroscopic strategy of “going global” since 2003, CITCC has strengthened its efforts to expand overseas markets, during which its trade branch has successively provided agency services for procurement and export of international engineering materials and national foreign assistance materials to such countries as in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, in order to ensure the successful implementation of international communication projects.
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